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Farmers Feeding Utah

Giving Utah Farmers and Families a Hand Up

In both the good and hard times, Utah Farmers have been passionate about feeding people. While the pandemic-born supply chain issues that inspired  us to connect Utahns in need with safe and locally-grown food have somewhat alleviated, the fact remains: thousands of hungry Utahns still need help. Rather than calling it a day, our donors, farmers and volunteers remain dedicated to alleviating hunger.

Farmers Feeding Utah is a Miracle of Agriculture, a ( 501(c)(3) organization, project that was started by the Utah Farm Bureau

“The mission of the Utah Farm Bureau is to inspire all Utah families to connect, succeed, and grow through the ‘Miracle of Agriculture’, and that’s what we’re hoping to do today. We’re encouraging all Utahns to help grow a miracle by donating to the ‘Farmers Feeding Utah’ campaign, so we can keep our state’s farm and ranch families producing the local food we all need, and also feed the growing number of families in need.”
Ron Gibson, Utah Farm Bureau Federation President

Here’s How it works:

  • Step 1: You donate
  • Step 2: We use your donations to give a struggling farm or ranch family a hand up by purchasing their product.
  • Step 3: We get the product processed so it can be delivered to the needy
  • Step 4: We partner with charitable institutions to get the benefit to Utahns in need.

The program was launched in partnership with Utah State University’s Hunger Solutions Institute, Cogburn Wire Company, the Utah Department of Agriculture & Food (UDAF) and most importantly: You! Please consider donating today!

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